“Old Mexico meets new flavours”


Each Taquitos order is served cazuela style/warm corn tortillas/paired with modmex salsas. Extra tortillas 2.00 dollars

Add Mexican rice & cazuela beans for an extra charge of 4.00 dollars


Taquitos de Huitlacoche / corn truffle (a pre-hispanic delicatessen) / onions / jalapeño peppers / cazuela beans served with requesón-avocado salsa  15.00

Taquitos de Machaca / coffee+ancho braised beef brisket / Guacamole and honey chipotle salsa  15.00

Taquitos de Pato / slow cooked duck confit / pear salsa and guajillo peppers / pineapple pico de gallo  15.00

Taquitos de Cochinita pibil / traditional slow cooked pork marinated with achiote spice / wrapped in banana leaf / peanut and arbol pepper salsa / habanero mayo  15.00

Taquitos estilo Baja / fish tacos served with Mexican style coleslaw salad / chipotle honey salsa / green tomatillo salsa  15.00

Taquitos de Lengua / veal tongue marinated in husk tomato / avocado salsa and refried black beans  15.00