“Old Mexico meets new flavours”


Bolobanes de Pollo / chicken & olive stuffing boloban style pastry / served with artisanal mole sauce (made with 25 different ingredients)  9.00

Totopos & Salsa / corn tortilla chips with salsa sampler traditional green and red salsa with star fruit  7.00

Chile Poblano (vegetarian) / stuffed poblano pepper / queso fresco/ fried black beans / served on a bed of traditional roasted tomato caldillo  10.00

Gorditas / trio of gorditas made with blue masa base / chicken with pumpkin seed pipian sauce / sauted huitlacoche (corn truffle) and black beans / chorizo potatoes and onions * vegetarian option all trio of huitlacoche  10.00

Alitas con Chamoy / modmex style chicken wings with hibiscus flower / blackberry and arbol pepper  10.00