Christmas time in Mexico was magical. It was a time when our whole family gathered for traditional Mexican festivities and feasts. It was a time to reconnect and to be thankful for everything we had received into our lives. The days leading up to Christmas were always busy, sometimes hectic, but always fun and memorable. [...]

Everyone has heard of Coke. But, have you ever heard of Mexican coke? It’s real, just like its ingredients. By real, we mean that it’s made the way it was since before the 1980s. Up until then, Coca Cola was made with real cane sugar. People who remember it swear it tasted different…that it tasted [...]

Raising a Glass to Mexican Drinks There’s nothing like  the refreshing, vibrant flavours of a Mexican margarita. We’re talking about the ones made with the freshest ingredients, that together create an unforgettable flavour that keeps you wanting more. The inspiration for the drinks we serve at Pachuco comes from flavours that we enjoyed as kids [...]

The origins of ModMex cuisine can be traced back to 1990s Mexico City, a time when many immigrants were entering the country and bringing with them a culinary diversity of ingredients and cooking styles. From this, fusion cooking became a widely accepted and popular cuisine – mixing traditional Mexican cuisine with the preparation style, ingredients [...]

Corn Meets Fungus Modern Mexican (ModMex) food is all about experimentation, taking the traditional, putting a twist on it and creating an entirely new food experience. And sometimes it’s about introducing a traditional Mexican dish to a diverse culture like the one we have in Toronto. A great example of this is our Taquitos de [...]