About Pachuco

Pachuco’s plunge into Mexican culture is delivering to Toronto a bundle of new flavours and tastes the city has yet to experience. Much like the three Fernandez sisters, Mali, Eren and Jais, who own and operate Pachuco, their love of Mexico has given rise to a new style of cooking that combines traditional Mexican food with a contemporary twist known as modern Mexican or modmex cuisine.

Old Mexico meeting new flavours is what Pachuco is all about. With locally sourced fish, meats and produce, Pachuco’s modmex experience will cradle your taste buds with traditional Mexican fare transformed by chili peppers, spices and an assortment of ingredients imported directly from Mexico

The casual atmosphere makes coming to Pachuco a treat for anyone looking to sit back and relax with amazing food. The five different flavours of guacamole, unique homemade salsas and baja-style tacos are great options for a light dinner or part of an extravagant spread.

Jais, the general manager, runs the floor of Pachuco tighter than a chorizo; handling everything from sourcing quality ingredients to making sure customers are satisfied from their first guava margarita to their second helping of caramel flan, it is Jais’s resto savvy and commitment to excellence that keeps the cozy 32-seater smiling.

Mali, Pachuco’s phenomenal chef, has always gravitated towards the culinary arts; with three decades of salsa slinging and guacamole creating to cultivate her skills, Mali’s affection for food makes turning ancient Mexican recipes into innovative, delicious modmex fare a breeze.

Eren, the marketing guru, keeps the guests at Pachuco flowing with her knack for drawing in crowds of foodie fanatics, searching for a fresh locale and authentic tastes with a modern spin to satiate their gastronomic euphoria.

Named after Mexico’s sub-cultural phenomenon of zoot-suit-wearing mobsters from the 1940s and 1950s, Pachuco memories of the black and white comedy films that kids in Mexico grew up watching and laughing.

Only steps away from The Danforth Music Hall, Pachuco sets the stage for the perfect pre- or post-performance dinner with friends, family or that cutie from across the cubicles. Experience modern Mexico at Pachuco, where its cherished philosophy of enjoying life no matter what comes your way is savoured in every bite of taquitos de machaca and every last drop of blueberry mojito.